Mr. Ian G. Roberts, Sr., LPN is one of the instructors at Angels Touch CNA School and pictured right of Angels Touch CNA School Administrator, Andrew Lacy.

Mr. Lacy says, “Ian has done a great job and has graduated three recent classes of talented students!” Mr. Roberts is being deployed for a year-long tour of duty, serving our Country but will return to Angels Touch next year. He will be greatly missed and we look forward to his return next year.

Sgt. Roberts wants to give a prize of $500 to the highest scoring student in each class going forward while he is away, provided that they meet all the following criteria:

  • 100% perfect attendance,
  • All grades must be over 90%,
  • And be the highest academically ranked student in the class.

The student who achieves this standard will receive this award from Roberts reimburse from the nonprofit Wellness Views Corporation, with his funding the prize.

To apply, please visit our Enrollment Page.