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Unlock a rewarding career in healthcare with our comprehensive CNA training.

The Certified Nurse Aide program at Angels Touch CNA School LLC stands as a paragon of excellence, rigorously aligned with the stringent benchmarks set by the State of Georgia and Alliant Health Solutions’ Nurse Aide Training Programs. We are dedicated to fostering a curriculum that is not only comprehensive but also exceptionally tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the healthcare sector. Through our meticulous approach, students are immersed in a learning environment that equips them with the essential skills and knowledge to flourish as competent nurse aides.

Graduates from our program are not just educated; they are transformed into adept healthcare professionals ready to make a significant impact in their field. Upon successful completion of our program, students are impeccably prepared to undertake and excel in the State Written and Skills Certification Competency Exams. Triumph in these exams paves the way for them to be esteemed members of the Georgia Nurses Aide Registry, holding a prestigious certification valid for an enriching period of two years.

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