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Find quick and clear answers to your queries about our courses and procedures in our FAQs.
Is Angels Touch CNA School licensed?
Absolutely! Angels Touch CNA School is accredited by the State of Georgia and certified by Alliant Health Solutions’ Nurse Aide program.
How long is the program?
For detailed duration information, please refer to our Course Info page.
What is the cost of the program?
The program cost is $899.00 – payable in full within the first 7 days of the class commencement, with the application fee deducted from the total tuition fee.
What are the requirements for instructors who teach in State Approved Nurse Aide Training Programs?
Each approved training program necessitates a Program Coordinator and one or more Instructors. These roles must be filled by Georgia-licensed registered nurses. Detailed requirements and duties for these positions are accessible through Alliant Health Solutions and are also included in the Nurse Aide Training Program (NATP) application form, available on the website www.mmis.georgia.gov under the Nurse Aide tab.
For approval, one key requirement for Program Coordinators or Instructors is participation in a Train-the-Trainer Workshop. This comprehensive workshop, spanning a day and a half, encompasses essential Federal and State Regulations, Certified Nurse Aide training protocols, and competency assessments, along with insights into adult learning and educational principles. You can find the registration forms and schedule for the workshop on the website www.mmis.georgia.gov by navigating to the Nurse Aide tab and selecting the Train-the-Trainer Application in the Nurse Aide Training section.
Once a Nurse Aide Training Program is approved, are there any additional requirements?
Yes, a Registered Nurse annually conducts an on-site review of each program. During this time, a meticulous evaluation of training records is performed to ensure compliance with Federal and State Regulations, adhering to the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA), which stipulates the mandated prerequisites for nurse aide training programs. The specific Federal Regulations governing nurse aide training and registries are codified in 42CFR483.150-483.158.
Every two (2) years, Nurse Aide Training Programs (NATPs) must undergo a reapproval process. Applications can be completed on the Georgia Web portal or obtained by contacting the Nurse Aide Program directly. Before each biennial reapproval, any modifications must be formally submitted within ten days of the adjustment and receive approval before being enacted. All submitted changes undergo a review, to be completed within thirty (30) days by the NATP Review Nurse.
Where do I call to report allegations of fraud and abuse or misappropriation of funds?
If you desire to communicate with personnel and file a complaint against a nursing home, personal care residence, or hospital, kindly reach out to the Department of Community Service, HealthCare Facility Regulation Division at 404-657-5726, 404-657-5728, or toll-free at 800-878-6442.
For lodging complaints against a home health agency, please engage with the Department of Community Service, HealthCare Facility Regulation Division at 404-657-5727 or utilize the toll-free number 800-326-0291.

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